Our projects

GPS Tracking

Real-time software for data capture is an area of software development where we have significant skill. Applying our knowledge to develop a GPS tracking solution is an ongoing project that we are delighted to tell you about.

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Train Load Out Optimisation

Using custom developed software we have provided one of the world's leading miners cutting edge technology to optimise their train wagon loading parameters. Reliable Software Solutions has developed powerful software to provide loading operators with real-time feedback on critical loading parameters.

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LED Signs

We have serviced, repaired, installed and commissioned a range of LED signs. Primarily in the commercial space for motorway management. Reliable Software Solutions was a key service provider for the ITS network upgrade during construction of the Gateway Motorway Upgrade Project and the Western Freeway Project. We can repair, design, service or customise to your specification.

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Mine Truck Despatch Interface

Reliable Software Solutions have built mine truck interface devices to make sure critical equipment information is reported into the mine despatch system for real-time monitioring. This project is an excellent example of where our programming skills meet the field experience we have gathered over years.

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Mobile Telecommunications

Reliable Software Solution's Technicians and Engineers have been involved in multiple mobile telephone upgrade projects across Queensland and New South Wales for major telecommunications companies including;

  • Telstra - 4G
  • Optus eJV
  • Government Wireless Network
  • Visionstream
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Mining and Transport Scale Servicing

Reliable Software Solutions have extensive experience in the weighbridge and scale industry along with mining and construction industry experience.

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RS-422 Surge Protection

Designed for use in Telecommunications and Industrial Electronic communications environments, includes 3 stage protection (MOV, TBU, TVS) for robust transient protection.

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Embedded Software

We have vast experiance programming for the Windows™ embedded range of operating systems, Our protocol converter project uses a real time operating system called Nut O/S.

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Light Sensor

Designed as a replacement for an existing OEM item, this sesnsor is much more robust to surge events and has many more clever features. Uses the Atmega8 series of micro controllers.

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Remote Power

Reliable Software Solutions can design and build your portable electronic remote power soluition. Designed for the harshest Australian conditions, the DC power supply systems can power your equipment for the long term.

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