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What kind of Application Development does RSS do?

In short, there are a few different kinds of application development. Enterprise Solutions, Windows Desktop applications, Website Applications and Embedded Firmware. If you are unclear on the differentiation of these they could be described as follows.

Enterprise Solutions

We offer complete custom solutions to all kinds of enterprise problems. These may involve SQL databases and reporting packages, perhaps a combination of the solutions outlined below. We are commited to your success and ask that you at least contact us to find out if we may assist. Typical examples of Enterprise level software solutions maybe, work flow systems, inventory management, live asset tracking. Such solutions are custom built from the ground up to your specification, utilising the knowledge we have of the best platforms.

Windows Desktop Application

A windows desktop application is one that runs on Microsoft windows operating system. It needs to be installed on your computer before it can be used. In general these applications are more feature rich, easier to use and cheaper to develop than any other form of application. A few examples of windows desktop applications might be Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or Adobe Photoshop. In general we recommend this kind of application for internal use by staff who use it for more than a few hours per day.


Firmware is software which resides on hardware devices. If you have ever configured your home router or your pabx system chances are you have interacted with firmware. In general if you are asking us to build firmware for you, chances are you will already know what it is and why you want it.

Website Application

A website application is one which is run through a web browser and hosted on a server on the internet. In general these applications are less feature rich and more expensive to develop however have a few important characteristics that make them good candiates for development such as disparate office locations, no installation requirements or a large target user base that infrequently use the system.

Note that if you are wanting a simple content based website we are not the provider you are looking for. We can however recommend a suitable provider during any consultation if you are unclear on the difference between a content based website and an actual web application.

Regardless of which kind of application you are developing we follow a set of procedures which are outlined in our FAQs.



We use ATMEL™ AVR™ microcontrollers in our products